Construction services Spokane, WA | building, warehouse etc

We are construction services in Spokane, WA & nearby. provide installation for various light & heavy steel. area operation: Spokane, spokane valley, Post falls, Coeur d’Alene

  • light steel: roof, galvanized canopy, building frame.
  • weight-steel  : WF, HBeam

Steel frame construction is a practical and ideal solution that expects building construction in a fairly short time, in addition to using steel frames except fast also saves costs and has other advantages including: For earthquake-prone areas, steel construction is the right solution to earthquake shocks Resistant to termites/rot, fire/fire The remnants of small and large pieces still have a selling score Save on tariffs, especially for builders because steel installation only takes a short time It looks ideal and elegant for an industrial architectural style where without finishing the steel frame is visible which is then painted without being wrapped in concrete or other wrapping. In addition, there are many advantages that you will find that we cannot mention one by one For those who need frame fabrication, our construction services are ready to help from the initial calculation to the erection of the building.

For more information, please contact us, we will provide calculations and illustrations of steel frames free of charge Some of the work that we have done include:

  • Futsal field steel frame construction
  • Construction of the steel frame of the 
  • Office building School or campus building
  • Factory Warehouse
  • Steel frame Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel and etc

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